There have been lots of bands over the years. Here are some of them.

Broken Arrow (1992-1994)

Formed in high school with myself (guitar and vocals), Steven Fogel (vocals, rhythm guitar), David Bell (aka Jack Breakfast - keyboards) Noah Slater (drums) and Corey Taube (bass). We covered the the Grateful Dead, Dylan, the Band, Neil Young, Phish. In 1992 my uncle Shelley Miller (Saul Helman band) recorded a four song demo for us in his studio. The next year we won a battle of the bands contest and got two more songs recorded as our prize. The band released a limited edition cassette tape with these six songs.


El Camino (1994-1995)

Formed towards the end of 1994 at McGill university as an outlet for their funky, rock, blues, jazz based compositions. Drummer Stuart "Cathead" Paap and guitarist/voacalist Joshua Engel joined forces with bassist Drew "Stomp" Moncarz and Jason "Harmonster" Rosenblatt (keyboards and harmonica). As a band, El Camino performed at several clubs in the Montreal area including Club Voltaire, Jailhouse Rock Cafe, le Bal Saint-Louis, and Annies. We wore silly costumes and played long sets to packed bars. Moncarz and Rosenblatt left Montreal in pursuit of other passions, while Stu and I formed a new band


Funderwear! (F!) (1995-1998)

  The original lineup featured drummer Stuart Paap, bassist Eric Stein (Beyond the Pale, Tio Chorinho, Ashkenaz) and saxophonist Raymond Murray (Souljazz Orchestra). This band had a few incarnations, and lots of guests including: Josh Dolgin (Socalled, David Krakauer), Eric San (Kid Koala), Ryhna Thompson (trumpet), Dave Hodge (trombone), and many others. We started doing a regular gig at the Purple Haze where we split the bill with Parkside Jones.


Beyond the Pale (1998-1999)

  Formed in 1998 with me on guitar, Eric Stein (mandolin) and Bret Higgins (bass). The trio played their brand of swingin' gypsy klezgrass. Joined by a slew of awesome fiddlers which included John Showman (Creaking Tree String Quartet) and Anne Lindsay. I left the group in fall 1999. That's when they started playing with Martin Van De Ven and essentially became the band they are today.


Mark's Patchwork

Toronto Mandolin Orchestra

Bais Groove


Rock N Rainbow




Starshine (1999): A family musical about a martian sent to Earth. Accompanied by her dog, Spike, she faces discrimination and learns to stand on one foot. This show was pivotal in determining the course of my life from that point onward. I got a phone call out of the blue from a director who needed a bass player for her Ryerson thesis project. She had two numbers and called me first. I said I could do it. I married her nearly five years later.

Uncle Jeb's Farm (2001-2003): A ladybug named Tica learns that even a very small creature can make the world a better place in this family musical. Written by Avi Adiv and Paul Kates. Directed by Dori Skye. I played Uncle Jeb..

Inhabiting the In-between

The Scrubbing Project



All Good Things...