who am I?
lessons & workshops

Joshua is currently working on a number of recording projects:

Rock N Rainbow:
original songs featuring Blue Elvis, Purple Stardust, Lady Red and others.  Produced by Tor Hyams

42 Fish:
is the musical director for this surrealist radio program on CJMP (Powell River community Radio) Listen to his compositions weekly.

Same Same But Different: original songs and soundscapes from around the world.

A new, as yet untitled collection of original folk, rock and other songs

Music for meditation and relaxation





young folk rock

Young Folk Rock (2013)
produced by Ken Whiteley co-creator, performer
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when you are 2

Rainbow Songs: When You are Two (2013) performer

Aviva: When I Arrived You Were Already There (2012) musician

Rainbow Songs: When You are One (2012) performer, arranger

OOZAKAZOO EP (2011) co-producer, co-writer, musician

Mike Whitla: Dinostory: the Ultimate Rock Opera!! (2011) performer

BeCalm: Meditations for Relieving Stress, Improving Sleep and Increasing Mindfulness, (2011) engineer

Rainbow Songs; Oh Baby! (2009) performer

Naomi Blicker: The Eleventh Hour (2004) producer, co-writer, musician

Kristin Lindell: Siren (2002) producer, co-writer, musician

Joshua Engel: Swimming to Catch the Sun (2001) producer, writer, musician

Uncle Jeb's Farm: Original Cast Recording (Starshine, 2001) producer, co-writer, musician

Wally Brooker: Song for My Brother (2001) co-writer, musician

Hotsauce (2000) musician, co-writer

Beyond the Pale: Routes (Borealis Records, 2002) musician

Beyond the Pale: Swingin' Gypsy Klezgrass (indie, 1998) musician, co-writer

Mark's Patchwork: Homemade Series Vol. I (Kind Records, 2001) musician

Mark's Patchwork (Kind Records, 2000) musician

Mr. Fournier: shakingastickataghost (1998) musician

Funderwear (s/t 1996) co-producer, co-writer, musician

Laurence Kosoy: Patience with the Ordinary (1996) musician Six Candles No Label (compilation., MGrozD, 1996) co-producer, musician, writer
El Camino (s/t 1995) producer, writer, musician Broken Arrow - Hound (Trouble, 1992) co-writer, musician